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Oriol M. Diví, ex libris | Gerard Gaudaen, ex libris

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"Oriol M. Diví, ex libris"

This is the second book of the "ex libris" collection, directed by Ernesto Guffanti.

Oriol M. Diví, catalan artist widely known and appreciated in his home country and abroad, is a Benedectine monk in the Abbey of Montserrat, since XI Century home of Christian faith, in the inland at ca. 40 kilometers from Barcelona.

He is author, since 1958, of more than five-hundred ex libris.

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Main characteristics of the book:

Format 18x25 cm (closed), 185 pages
One colour typographic press, with n░ 5 original ex libris signed by the artist, and n░ 61 ex libris, printed from cliché in 1:1 format, chosen among the most significative of the artist's production.
Cover is in silk.

Reproductions are on Fedrigoni papers, book is printed on San Marco, water-cut paper (140 g/m2). The odd pages only are printed.

99 numbered copies, signed by the artist.

Preface by Prof. Dr. Francesc Orenes.

Bilingual text, Italian and English.
CV of the artist is also in his mother-tongue.

Works list.

Price is 195,00 Euro.

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Ex libris for Manuel Garcia de la Cruz (Originale)

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Ex libris for 14 Internationale Exlibris Kongres Helsingor 1972 (Originale)

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Ex libris for XVII Congresso Internazionale dell'Exlibris Lugano 1978 (Originale)

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Ex libris for Fondazione C. Collodi, Pescia, Centenario di Pinocchio (1883-1983) (Originale)

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Ex libris for XXVI Exlibris Congrés FISAE Chrudim 1996 (Originale) AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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