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News and commentary from the world of the ex libris and books. 20 December 2008
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L'ex libris italiano, January-April 2008

L'ex libris italiano, gallery of small graphics.
Associazione Italiana Ex Libris - year 14 - number 2 - May- August 2008

L'Ex Libris Italiano, front cover
L'ex libris italiano, year 14, number 2, May-August 2008.
On the front cover: Jaroslav Dajc, ex libris for Mario Micheletti
C4, 120x108 mm, 1997

In this issue:
- Leader by the President, Mauro Mainardi, on: "The events celebrated by the ex libris - Humanum est mutare consilium"
- Josep Chalupsky: "Jaroslav Dajc's art"
- Vincenza Venditto: "Margherita Bongiovanni - Signs of talent and feeling"
- Enzo Pellai: "Valerio Mezzetti. Quest for perfection"
- Mauro Mainardi: "Anagram in the ex libris. Subject of test for student of the engraving course"
- Mauro Mainardi: "Ex libris in the Republican Constitution for eighteen-years-old"

- Exhibitions
- Donations: ex libris, free graphics, graphics on purpose
- News from the society
- Donations: ex libris, free graphics, graphics on purpose, folders of graphics

L'Ex Libris Italiano - Gallery of small graphics
Magazine of the Associazione Italiana Ex Libris
Please refer to: Mauro Mainardi - via Medaglie d'Oro 47 - I 21018 Somma Lombardo (VA)

(Disclosure: Artifex is a member of the AIE Society)

Other news:

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