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News and commentary from the world of the ex libris and books. 11 December 2008
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Ex libris competition rules

International Competition Ex Libris called by Arti Grafiche Colombo

Invitation to the International Competition “Ex Libris” Arti Grafiche Colombo.

(from the press release)


Within the ambit of the celebrations for the fiftieth anniversary of activity, Arti Grafiche Colombo invites you to participate in the International Competition for Ex Libris’ Artists.

Just please scroll down: you will find the Competition’s regulations with all the useful references for the participation. The requests for the participation must arrive within April 2009.

For more detailed information about Arti Grafiche Colombo please visit the web site

Un carattere che lascia il segno “50 per inciso”



Article 1 - Theme and text for the elaboration of the works of art
The Ex Libris’ theme for the participation to the competition must be pertinent to the typography’s environment, typographical materials and instruments, personages during the
old times and nowadays.
The Ex Libris must show the following indication:
All the works of arts which will participate to the competition must bear a strict relation with the proposed theme.

Article 2 - Participants
To the competition can participate the works of art made by artists of all nationalities.
The participation to the competition is free.

Article 3 - Techniques allowed
The only techniques allowed are: Xylography and Chalcography. The photomechanical techniques will be excluded.

Article 4 - Number of Ex Libris
The Artists who will participate to the competition can send up to a maximum of three
different Ex Libris.
For each Ex Libris must be sent 3 copies each one signed or initialed by the Artist.
On the back of each Ex Libris it must be written in pencil:
- Name and Surname of the Artist
- The year of execution of the work of art
- The technique adopted

Article 5 - Sizes
The paper for each Ex Libris will not exceed the maximum dimensions of mm 148 x 210 - A5.
The illustrated part will not exceed the maximum dimensions of mm 130 x 130.

Article 6 - Forwarding’s conditions
The Ex Libris works of art must be forwarded using a strong and waterproof material on
which will be clearly written “PLEASE DO NOT FOLD”, by registered letter with
notification for the receipt.
It must be also included a detailed curriculum vitae, a photo of the Artist, an address for
possible written communications, an e-mail address will be fine.
The standard privacy clearance for the usage of personal data must be written.
Enclosed to the packet there will be copy of the regulation signed for acceptance of all
items shown on it.

Article 7 - Maximum term for presentation of the works of art
The packet containing the Ex Libris works of art must arrive within 30th April 2009.
The post office stamp will be used as an evidence for the correct date of delivery (within
30th April 2009).

Article 8 - Where to send the Ex Libris works of art
The address is:
Via M. D’Azeglio 16
20060 Gessate (MI)
For additional information please call 0039.
E-mail address:

Article 9 - The destination of the Ex Libris works of art
All the Ex Libris works of art participating to the competition will remain as a property of Arti Grafiche Colombo who will include them in the private collection for possible future exhibitions inside and outside the Company.
By participating to the show the Artists give to Arti Grafiche Colombo S.r.l. all the rights for the publication and reproduction and they will not claim any money to be paid neither for publication nor for reproduction of the Ex Libris works of art received in occasions like: print out of the play-bills, catalogues, invitations, exhibitions or other kind of events no profit, non commercial texts and specialized publications.

Article 10 - Publication of the Ex Libris works of art
A four colour process catalogue showing all works of art of those Artists awarded a prize
or just awarded will be published. One copy of the catalogue will be given both to the Artists awarded a prize or just awarded. The only exception will be the Artists who have been excluded by the Jury. The catalogue will show the list of all the Artists who will participate to the competition with an evidence of their addresses.

Article 11 - Exhibitions of the Ex Libris works of art participating to the competition
All the Ex Libris works of arts participating to the competition will be shown during the exhibition taking place on the open house days of Arti Grafiche Colombo: Friday 18th September 2009 and Saturday 19th September 2009.

Article 12 - Awarded Prizes and Awards
The following awarded Prizes will be given:
- To the first classified Artist: 1.800,00 Euro
- To the second classified Artist: 1.200,00 Euro
- To the third classified Artist: 700,00 Euro
Special prizes consisting of working materials will be given.
A special award will be given to an Artist who merits it.
The Jury, by an inapplicable and unobjectionable judgment will indicate the awarded prize winners and the awarded Artists.
Prizes will be drawn personally by the winners.

Article 13 - The Jury’s Members
• Marco Picasso – Giornalista
• Massimo Dradi – Presidente Centro di Studi Grafici
• Cristiano Beccaletto – Direttore Museo Ex Libris Mediterraneo, Ortona
• Gian Carlo Torre – Storico dell’Ex Libris
• Adriano Benzi – Collezionista, Vecchiantico
• Dante Fangaresi – Bibliofilo e collezionista
• Franco Maria Ricci – Editore e designer
• Giancarlo Sardella – Stampatore
• Maria Cristina Poma – Direttore editoriale “Editrice San Raffaele”
• Andrea Disertori – Architetto e storico dell’Ex Libris
• Priamo Pedrazzoli – Collezionista xilografo

Article 14 - Communications to the winners
The Jury’s decisions will be communicated both to the awarded prize winners and to the awarded Artists by 30th June 2009.

Article 15 - Acceptance of the Competition’s regulations and terms
The participation to the competition “Ex Libris Arti Grafiche Colombo” implies the unconditional acceptance of all the Competitions Regulations and Terms.

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