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News and commentary from the world of the ex libris and books. 8 November 2008
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Grand opening and invitation biennal event

Art and the Printing Press 2009

International Biennial of Engraving

(from the press release)


Update, 18 December 2008:

Dino Formaggio (1914-2008) has died.

DINO FORMAGGIO (Milan,1914 – Illasi, 2008) is well-known for his numerous publications on the philosophy of art and social science. His interest in philosophy was fostered under the expert direction of Antonio Banfi, he has taught at the University of Pavia, Padua (acting as dean and sub-rector), and Milan.

Professor emeritus at the University of Milan. Awarded Lion d’Or International 1996 in Nimes (France) and in 2004, received the “Ambrogino d’oro” from the Municipality of Milan for cultural merits.

President of the Scientific Committee of the International Biennial of Engraving “L’Arte e il Torchio / Art and the Printing press” Cremona, Italy. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Teolo (Padua), is dedicated to Dino Formaggio.

6th of December 2008 Dino Formaggio died at Illasi (prov. of Verona), where he lived and worked from 1980.

The VI Edition of International Biennal of Engraving “L'Arte e il Torchio / Art and the Printing Press” Cremona 2009, is dedicated to Dino Formaggio (philosopher of art, 1914-2008).

Please also see this portrait (in Italian only) by Vladimiro Elvieri.


From April 19 to May 31 2009

Place: Museo Civico “Ala Ponzone” Via U. Dati 4, Cremona, Italy:


This Biennial, exclusively on invitation, includes 125 artists coming from about 50 countries all over the world. The works in exhibition are 250 (maximum size 25 cm x 35 cm), made in recent years, with chalcographic or relief techniques; the major part of these works will be donated by the artists to join the important collection of original contemporary graphic art that can be found in the Cabinet of Drawings and Prints at the Museo Civico “Ala Ponzone” of Cremona.


The exhibition organized together with the famous Taller 99 in Santiago de Chile, that has taken care of the invitations, will show 50 works, of various sizes, from some of the most significant contemporary Latin American graphic artists, representing the reality from the south of that part of the world reuniting various peoples sharing ideals of liberty and of social emancipation.


Place: A.D.A.F.A., Casa Sperlari, Via Palestro 32, Cremona:


This exhibition taking place every 4 years, is now in its 3rd edition. It will present 50 engravings (prevailing size 50cm x 70 cm) made by 25 young artists from various Italian regions, selected by a special commission; these young artists testify of the most recent development and vivacity of engraving art in our country.


Place: “Museo della Stampa” Via Lanfranchi 6, Soncino (CR):


Contemporarily, the section dedicated to Ex-libris, organized by A.I.E. (Italian Association Ex-Libris) and its president, Mauro Mainardi, with the collaboration of the Pro-Loco of Soncino, this year presents a collection of about 150 small but invaluable prints inspired by sports in its various disciplines and champions of all times, made by extraordinary Italian and foreign artists, specialized in this particular kind of work.


During the whole period of the exhibition, in the Museo Ala Ponzone, a didactic workshop will be set up: on request, brief theoretic explanations and practical demonstration on how to make an original print on a chalcographic press will be available to schools and visitors.

The International print exhibition “Art and the Printing Press” that, in 2009, is celebrating its 10th year of activity, is organized by A.D.A.F.A. (Amici della Famiglia artistica) in collaboration with the Municipality and the Province of Cremona.

General curator is Vladimiro Elvieri, assisted by an International scientific committee, composed of eminent personalities in the field of art. DVD: “Art and the Printing Press 1999-2005” and “Art and the Printing Press 2007” available in

To learn more:
Organization: A.D.A.F.A, Via Palestro 32 (P.O. BOX 19)
26100 Cremona (Italy)
Tel & fax +39 0372 24679

Other news:

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Donations of ex libris and PF: Ex libris donated by Pierlorenzo Gianella, Vittorio Laura, Mauro Mainardi, Roberto Tonelli

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