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News and commentary from the world of the ex libris and books. 25 March, 2004
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Book: 'Don Quijote Adventure's in the ex-libris'.

(by G.N.)

It's available the book 'Don Quijote Adventure's in the ex-libris', a well made history of the Quijote-related ex-libris, with a list of over 2,000 ex-libris, in alphabetical order by artist. More than 350 of those ex-libris are reproduced on this book, while keeping their original dimensions and (where necessary) their colours.
There also are 11 (eleven) original ex-libris, by the following artists: Liliana Bastia, Oriol María Diví, Cristiano Beccaletto, Eduardo Montivero, Carlo Nangeroni, Victor Oliva Pascuet, Massimo Pompeo, Elio Randazzo, Laura Roig, Igor Smirnov; Arturo Zaera printed new copies of the ex-libris made by Julio Fernández Sáez in 1950 for Antonio Dalmau, from the plate obtained courtesy of María Carme Illa, keeper of the collection Pepita PallÚ of the Real Academia de Buenas Letras in Barcelona.

'Don Quijote Adventure's in the ex-libris'

(from the presentation by Manuel Fontán del Junco, Director of the Istituto Cervantes of Lisbon)

"(...) the adventures of don Quijote over the last five centuries have not only conquered the cultural macrocosms around the world: a book like this, which searches for the influence of Cervantes and don Quijote on the ex-libris art since 1770, shows that Cervantes' hero has been, undoubtedly, the favourite of that small space devoted to the registry of literary property: the ex-libris."

La Aventura de Don Quijote en los ex-libris

by Gian Carlo Torre
Presentation by Manuel Fontán del Junco
Introduction by Mariarosa Scaramuzza Vidoni
Texts in Italian, English, Spanish
Publisher: Artur Mário da Mota Miranda
Book printed in 300 numbered copies
Cover: ex libris by Alexandru Radulescu, for JosÚ Herrero Angelats
Back cover: ex libris by Igor Smirnov, for Gian Carlo Torre
Last page: ex libris by Remo Wolf, for Gian Carlo Torre
Price: 70 euro (as per 25 March 2004)
More info:
Artur Mário da Mota Miranda
Apartado 141
P 2796-902 Linda-A-Velha
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