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News and commentary from the world of the ex libris and books. 24th September, 2002
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Frederikshavn 2002, FISAE Congress.

Dear readers, here is a report about what happened during the FISAE delegates' works, held during the International Congress in Frederikshavn (Denmark).
I did not put everything here, I tried to keep it short, I just put what I think was worth reporting, what in my opinion might be of interest to you.

It was saturday, the 31st august 2002.

At 10.10 am. Mr. Klaus Roedel, FISAE President, gives to each delegate a copy of the Agenda and opens the works.
It is worth telling that during the works the assembly did not follow step by step the agenda, so my report does not follow it as well.
Also worth remembering is that there were three countries looking to host the 2006 Congress: Malbork (Poland), Nyon (Switzerland) and China (well, it was Taiwan, but everyone knows how difficult it is for Taiwan to present itself as such, you always have in front of you a "China", only later it is possible to understand it's Taiwan).
1.Mr. Butler (UK), at the opening, introduced every delegate, by surname and country represented.
2.the President, Mr. Klaus Roedel (Denmark), reported on the Congress activities and participation;
3.three societies joined FISAE during this Congress: Argentina, Taiwan and Andalusia (Spain);
4.Mr. Benoît Junod (Switzerland) reported to the assembly about the new list of technical symbols, which he put together working with Messers Lars Stolt, Frank-Ivo Van Damme and others, among them Junod recalled Martin Baeyens, Olli Yloenen, Henry Klein. I hope to bring this list online, on a web page especially devoted to this topic, as soon as I'll find the time to do it.
5. Then it was Dr Ottmar Premstaller (Austria) to speak, he gave more details on how Wels will hold the 2004 Congress; he also gave the dates: from 14 to 17 July;
6.a Taiwan representative (I was not able to find the names of the three delegates) unexpectedly, takes on and announces that Taiwan was to retire from the competition and will try again, in Wels, to get the 2008 Congress. This surely was a surprise!
7.again Mr. Junod spoke, this time to illustrate Nyon, as a candidate to host the 2006 Congress - the choice now being limited: Nyon or Malbork. Then it was Ms. Bogumila Omieczynska, the Polish delegate, to take us by surprise, shortly after the address of Mr. Junod, annuncing the withdrawal of Malbork from the competition; she said that Malbork will organize a biennal meeting, to be held in odd years, so to avoid direct competition with FISAE congresses; without the need to vote, Switzerland wins as organizer of the 2006 Congress.
8.The discussion shifts towards a document, brought to the delegates' attention by Mr. Ivan Panenka, President of the Slovak society, which raised a number of questions, many of them found quick adoption by the delegates. Among them, for example: would be interesting to have a basic set of rules regarding the ex libris competitions, so to have competitions around the world that follow (more or less) the same pattern; discussion was quite animated and also quick: this problem is widely aknowledged. The FISAE will take on this issue; was explored the opportunity to have a computer software - the same for every collector, public as well private libraries, ex libris societies and so on, to have archives that are able to share data between them and that are compatible with each other. Mr. Junod explains that there is such a software being tested by the British Museum, which is working on an ex libris collection, so the FISAE will try to find out whether it is possible to share this important institution expertise.
11.the delivery of the fourth edition of the "Directory of bookplate collectors and designers" triggered a new round of questions an proposals: the FISAE has been asked to have an Internet site and list the directory there; Mr. Robert Littlewood (Australia) suggested to have the directory in digital form; Mr. Heinrich Scheffer (Austria) asked to put in the Directory the email addresses as well. The FISAE will work on these questions over the next months.

I tried to write about what I thought were the more important issues raised during the meeting.

With kind regards,
Giancarlo Nicoli AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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