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The 6th Shanghai Fu Xian Zhai International Exlibris Invitation Competition & Exlibris Collection Exhibition 2012

From the Fu Xian Zhai website.

After 15 years developed, Shanghai Fu Xian Zhai Exlibris Society (SFXZES) has been an active member in the exlibris field. More and more collectors became members of SFXZES. And just in last year, SFXZES had more than 50 new collector members. It will be good for SFXZES to hold the International Exlibris Invitation Competition and it will be good for SFXZES to collect the works of famous artists. “San Min Cup”International Exlibris Competition was held successfully, and SFXZES received over 500 exlibris from more than 30 countries. SFXZES will organize artists and collectors to attend the 34th FISAE congress which will be held in Finland next year. And on the congress, SFXZES will bid for the 36th FISAE congress and invite foreign artists and collectors to participate in the 6th Shanghai Fu Xian Zhai International Exlibris Invitation Competition and Exlibris Collection Exhibition 2012. So every exlibris society and exlibris friends, please seize the opportunity and participate in this activity and let us cooperate together to make the exlibris more and more brilliant.


  1. The theme of exlibris is literature (at all times and in all over the world literature, myth, story), scenery,body, religion, etc.
  2. For the Competition, artists shall submit 4 different kinds works which were created from Aug. 2011 to Aug. 2012. It is obligatory that 3 copies of each print be submitted. For the Collection Exhibition, collectors shall provide 4 kinds exlibris of their own names.
  3. The exlibris must use technologies: woodcut, copperplate, stone plate, silk screen, CGD, etc. Photocopies, drawings or sketches shall not be accepted.
  4. The exlibris shall include the words “Exlibris” and owner’s name of an alive person or an existing institution for whom or for which it has been created.
  5. Each exlibris shall have signature / technology / year / print number. Also please enclose a short biography and resume, including address and E-mail in the parcel. Please do not write your resume on the back of the exlibris.
  6. The printed surface of works shall not exceed 170 mm × 170 mm. The exlibris shall not be matted, nor shall be pasted to a cardboard or coloured paper.
  7. The deadline for submission is September 1, 2012, the stamped postal date being decisive. The exlibris shall be packed in the safe manner to avoid any kind of damage. The exhibition will be held on October 2012, and the detail date and place will be confirmed later.
  8. The address for correspondence is: Mr. Wang Rong & Mrs. Guo Yuanying; Room 204, No. 4, Lane 2771, Pingliang Road, Shanghai 200090, P.R.China
    E-mail: wr5001@sohu.com, gyy501231@sina.com, or exlibriswr@gmail.com
  9. Selection method is secret ballot, and the jury consists of collectors, host and Professors.
  10. The Prizes: The Honorary Prizes and The Excellent Prizes for 50 persons. And each of them will get a certificate.
  11. After the exhibition, each of the selected artists and collectors will get a certificate by Shanghai Fu Xian Zhai Exlibris Society and a beautiful magazine (catalog) without fee.
  12. Submissions shall not be returned. Shanghai Fu Xian Zhai Exlibris Society is entitled to publish / show / collect / exchange all of the exhibited exlibris and use them in the web-site, CD, catalog, magazines and books.
  13. Participating in the competition and exhibition, the artists and collectors shall be considered to have accepted its terms and conditions.