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4th international Ex-libris 2010 competition: terms and conditions

From the press release.

4o Concorso Internazionale ex libris Lomazzo 2010

4o Concorso Internazionale ex libris Lomazzo 2010

1 – Sandro Botticelli died in May 1510. In order to honour a great artist of Renaissance, Comune di Lomazzo (Lomazzo Town Council) is dedicating the fourth edition of the international Ex-libris competition to Botticelli on the five hundred year anniversary of his death.

2 – The theme of this Ex-libris competition is: “Sandro Botticelli 1510-2010”.

3 – Artists from all over the world can take part to this competition with by entering one to three entries. Only entries made using xylography, chalcography and lithography will be accepted. Drawings, photocopies and computer graphics will not be considered.

4 –Artwork must not be bigger than 100mm x 150 mm and must be presented on paper no larger than 290mm x 210 mm. The artwork must include the following inscription: “Ex-Libris Biblioteca Comunale di Lomazzo 2010”.

5 – All artists must send the original and three copies of each entry, with a maximum of three entries. These copies will be held by Lomazzo Town Council and will not be returned.

Art. 6 – All entries must be signed and sent by post, together with a short CV, the artist’s address and e-mail address, by 10 October 2010 to the following address:


Piazza Brolo San Vito, 4

22074 Lomazzo (Como)


7 – The decision of the jury is fi nal. The jury will award the winners with:

1°) 600,00 €

2°) 600,00 €

3°) 600,00 €

As regards the special section dedicated to secondary students 20 years of age and under, the award will be the following:

1) 300.00€

As regards the special section dedicated to academic and university students 30 years of age and under, the award will be the following:

1) 400.00 €

8 – The winners will receive the award just after submitting the original artwork and three signed copies. The winners for the special sections will also have to provide a certifi cate of school attendance.

9 – All selected artwork will be displayed in an exhibition, which will be open to the public.

10 – All selected artwork will be also published in a catalogue.

11 – Participation in the Competition implies full acceptance of the above rules.

Get in touch:


Fax: 02 700441799 e-mail : lomazzo@ovestcomobiblioteche.it


Download the terms and conditions in doc format: 2010_08_lomazzo_4o_concorso_internazionale_ex_libris