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13th Biennial Exlibris Competition for Children and Young People Żary 2010

(from the press release)

I. Rules and conditions

1. The contest is open to all children and teenagers (students) aged 6-19.

2. The number of exlibris entries each contestant may send is unlimited and those can be made in any graphic technique in 3  authorised copies (signed by the author in pencil on the reverse). Zincotype (code: P 1) and offset (P 7) techniques are allowed on condition that three identical prints are submitted. However, traditional etching or cutting techniques will be preferred. Please, do not send handmade designs or drawings.

3. Exlibris should not be framed as this will be done by the organisers.

4. The organisers do not wish to restrict the subject-matter of the graphics. Contest entries must, however, fulfil the requirements of an ownership plate of a book from a private collection, or from the library of a school or other organisation.

5. The size of the entries is not specified, they should not, however, exceed A6 format (105 mm x 148mm).

6. For the sake of greater contest efficiency, the contestants should also fulfil the following requirements:
a) On the reverse of each exlibris the following personal data should be entered:

  • name and surname,
  • year of birth, class (form), e.g. 2000, 4th Form,
  • place of residence and abbreviated name of the school (or other educational body),
  • technique used and the year of creation e.g. Linocut – X3, 2010.

b) all entries sent should be accompanied with a general note containing the following information:

  • names and surnames of the authors, school form or year of study in the schoolyear of 2009/10,
  • entry description, namely the text (inscription) incorporated in the graphic, technique used and the year of creation: e.g. EX LIBRIS WISŁAWA SZYMBORSKA, linocut, 2010,
  • full address of the educational body or centre with the post code, telephone number and e-mail address (or home address in the case of individual entries),
  • name and surname of the teacher or arts instructor.

Important: An entry will be disqualified if it is impossible to determine who the author is.

7. Entries submitted will not be returned. The organisers reserve the right to reprint exlibris for publicity purposes.

8. All entries should be sent to the contest office address:

Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna
ul. Wrocławska 11
68-200 Żary
POLAND / Polska
with the inscription: “Konkurs – Ex libris”

phone/fax +48 / 68 / 374 37 36, e-mail: mbpzary@wp.pl

II. Deadlines

1. All entries must be submitted before May 15th, 2010.

2. The jury will meet in June 2010.

3. The final exhibition will take place on 17 – 18th September, 2010, prizes will be awarded. All information shall be notified on our website: www.mbp.zary.pl and prizeman it by e-mail post.

III. Jury – Prizes

1. The jury will comprise professional artists and members of the organising committee.

2. The jury will assess the entries, choose the most successful ones for the exhibition, award prizes and distinctions.

3. Prizes and distinctions will be awarded in the following age groups:
– group 6 to 10-year-olds – (forms O–IV of primary school)
– group II 11 to 15- year-olds – (forms V-VI and middle schools)
– group III 16 to 19-year-olds – secondary schools
– group IV young students attending art schools (to 19 years-olds)
within each group it is projected that 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, third prizes and distinctions will be awarded. The jury may decide, however, to divide the prizes in a different way.

4. The jury may award distinctions to instructors leading art projects for the results of their students in the competition.

5. All authors, whose exlibris, have been qualified for the exhibition (the winners) shall receive diplomas and exhibition catalogues.

IV. Organisers and sponsors

Public Town Library of Żary
under the auspices of
Mayor of the Town – Roman Pogorzelec
with the co-operation from:
– Public Disctrict and Town Library in Zielona Góra

Dyrektor of the Public Library – mgr Jan Tyra