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Letter – About the Mini Print Kiev

Letters to the Editor

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Oh My goodness Giancarlo,
It is so difficult to find a way to contact you. I saw a notice on the ArtifexLibris website about a Miniprint Kiev (link here to our post, Editor’s note) posted a few months ago. I emailed them to find out some more information and had not reply.

Please – Do you have any further information about the people organizing this event. There is no name of an organization or person mentioned in the address, where one posts the miniprints.
It is very vague. Have you any suggestions.

I wanted to join your forum on Artifex but could not see a page where I could register.

Thank you.

Aine Scannell

Dear Aine,
well, you’ve done it.

An easier way to contact me is from the home page (http://www.artifexlibris.com/) there’s a link to the “Info” page, and then to “Letters to the Editor”.
At the bottom there’s the email address.

Regarding the MiniPrint International of Kiev, I only know what I published.
The email address they provided should be working. Why didn’t they answer? I don’t know.
I think you might try to write them via snail mail.

The forum is currently disabled – you can read previous posts but you cannot register – because of serious problems with spammers and fake registrations. They exploit a weakness in the software. I should upgrade, but I don’t have time to.
I’ll completely change software, it’s in the making, as soon as I’ll have some spare time.

Best regards,
Giancarlo Nicoli