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Ex libris competition rules: Eros & Thanatos… Lust and Death

(from the press release)

Complete rules

Article 1.
The competition is open without restriction to artists and designers from all over the world.
No fee is required for participation.
There are two themes for the ex-libris submitted:

1. Eros and Thanatos – how Eros (sex) is a strong pulsion, but Thanatos (death) is always interfering;
2. Eros, in general. Images can be as sexually explicit as the artist desires.

Article 2.
The works must be conceived as authentic ex-libris (bookplates), i. e. as small-format art graphics of the highest aesthetic, artistic and technical quality, made to be pasted into books and to identify their owner.
They should include, integrated within the image, the words “ex libris…” or an equivalent (for example, “From the library of…”, “This book belongs to…”, etc.), followed by the name of a living person or of a library of a currently existing institution by whom or by which it was commissioned, or to whom it is dedicated or for which it was made. The phrase ‘sex libris’ (with initials, or a name) is permitted within the context of this competition.

Article 3.
The ex-libris can be made with any original printmaking technique or a mixture of such techniques.
They must be the work of the person submitting them; if several artists or technicians have cooperated in the creation of an ex-libris, the person submitting it must indicate who else was involved and how. They must be original prints, i.e. multiples printed from a digital or traditional matrix on an adequate support, normally a high quality paper. Original sketches or drawings, as well as photocopies or xerographies, will not be accepted.

Article 4.
Participating artists can submit as many different ex-libris as they wish.
Three prints of each ex-libris submitted must be sent, of which two will be used for exhibition purposes.
Each print must be signed or initialed by the artist and numbered, and must bear legibly on the back in pencil:
– the artist’s name, address, year of birth, and nationality,
– the technique(s) used and the year of creation.
If the artist has not used Latin alphabet in the printed inscription, he is required to write a translation into English on the back of the print. Also, if for reasons of design he/she has exceptionally chosen to integrate into the image only the owner’s initials, the artist must write the owner’s full name on the back of the print.

Artists are also requested to send a .jpg file of each ex-libris submitted, by e-mail to mailbox@erosexlibris.org.

Article 5.
The printed surface of the ex-libris can be any size, but the support (paper) must not be larger than 210 mm (high) x 150 mm (wide) (A5).

Article 6.
The deadline for submitting works is Wednesday, June 30th 2010, the stamped postal date on the envelope being decisive. Artists are however requested to send material earlier, whenever possible.

Article 7.
Material for the competition must be sent to the following address:

Ex-libris competition
c/o Benoît Junod,
21 Route de Lullier
1254 Jussy (GE)

Additional information can be obtained from: Phone: +41 22 7590040, + 41 22 9097282, + 41 21 3231223
(English, French, Spanish, German, Italian)
e-mail: info@erosexlibris.org or benoit.junod@akdn.org

General information about ex-libris, including links to other sites on this subject, as well as the competition rules can be found on http://www.fisae.org/ and from there, to further links. On http://www.karaart.com/, a historical retrospective of ex-libris from 1470 until today can be seen including a section on erotic ex-libris.

Article 8.
The International Jury is composed of:

Dr. Gernot Blum, psychiatrist, ex-libris collector and author of several books on erotic bookplates;
Michel Froidevaux, President of the FINALE foundation, Gallery owner, collector of erotic ex-libris;
Benoît Junod, ex-libris collector, art and print critic and exhibition curator, Switzerland.
Vincent Lieber, director of the Nyon Castle Museum;
Patricia Nik-Dad, printmaker, author of ex-libris;
Gordon Smith, collector of ex-libris;
Ichigoro Uchida, ex-libris collector and author of several publications in this field.

The president of the Jury is Benoît Junod.

Article 9.
For Eros and Thanatos: First Prize: 2000 EURO
Second Prize: 1000 EURO
Third Prize: 500 EURO
Special Prize 1: for erotic ex-libris on other subjects: First Prize: 1000 EURO
Special Prize 2: for the most accomplished group of erotic ex-libris submitted: 1000 EURO

There will also be special prizes announced at a later date. The Jury will be competent also to attribute ten Honourable Mentions to ex-libris deserving honorary awards. The jury reserves its right not to award certain prizes or certificates if there are not enough works submitted of sufficient quality.

Article 10.
The ex-libris received will be evaluated on the basis of their artistic and technical quality, as well as to their originality and merit as marks of possession integrating concept, image and text.
The jury will pay special attention to:
– the originality (i.e. made by the author) of the work and its salacious character;
– the inventive understanding of the subject matter;
– the quality of the relation between image and inscription in the composition;
– the technical quality within the specific technique(s) used;
– the quality of printing and of the support.
For Special prize two, they will consider the number and artistic consistency of the group of works submitted.

The decision of the Jury will be final.

Article 11.
An extensive selection of the best works submitted will be exhibited in prestigious venues in Switzerland and other European countries as well as in Istanbul (dates to be determined).

Article 12.
An illustrated catalogue of the best ex-libris submitted for the competitions will be prepared and will be made available free of charge to artists whose ex-libris are illustrated therein. A contribution to postage fees may be requested.
For the catalogue, artists may be requested to send high-resolution scans of certain works.
The catalogue will also be online, and will be made available as a CD Rom.

Article 13.
The safety of submissions during posting and delivery should be ensured, for example by registered post. Materials sent for the competition will not be returned and will remain the property of the organisers. The organisers will have the right to publish all ex-libris submitted and use them in promotional and press contexts free of charge.
The results of the competition will be sent for information to all associations which are members of the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Amateurs d’Ex-libris (FISAE).

Article 14.
Participants must fill in the form indicated on the Home Page and post it together with the works submitted. Any additional information (CV, etc.) will be much appreciated.

Article 15.
Participation in the competition implies unconditional acceptance of these rules.